Job Offers

Mechanical project engineer

job requirements

1 Mechanical and related professional college degree or above, with solid mechanical design skills, can be independently designed, more than 7 years working experience in the mechanical industry is preferred

2 proficient in CAD and other design software
3 Have a certain understanding and understanding of the structural principle and processing technology of mechanical equipment
4 Strong sense of innovation, good at thinking, able to solve problems independently
5 strong sense of responsibility, communication skills, team coordination
6 familiar with molding presses, coating machines, inkjet printers, cross-cutting machines and other printing equipment is preferred.

job requirements:

1 secondary school degree or above, mechanical professional is preferred;

2 engaged in mechanical equipment quality inspection work for more than five years
3 Skilled use of quality inspection tools, rigorous work, principled

1 healthy, responsible, able to work hard;

2 3-5 years experience in independent operation of mechanical plant trampoline.

Quality inspector
Job responsibilities

1Inspect the finished product according to the requirements of the drawings to ensure that the quality of the finished product is qualified.

2 Ensure that the inspection data is accurate and the quality record is true and complete.
3 Complete the leadership assignment


job requirements:

1 junior high school or above, good health, engaged in security work for more than 3 years;

2 Responsible, disciplined, and have good communication skills;
3 Responsible and responsible for the timely delivery of leadership;
4 familiar with fire protection knowledge and will use fire equipment;
5 Veterans or holders of security cards are preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1 Registration of personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the plant

2 direct the visiting vehicles to park in the prescribed area;
3 patrol the various workshops in the factory at night
4 Check the fire protection facilities in the factory area every month.


job requirements:

1Familiar with software operations such as CAD;

2 years of mechanical drawing work experience;
3 work responsibility is strong and careful;
4 Mechanical and computer majors are preferred.

Contact information
Contact: Miss sun
Contact number: +86-768-3298008
Address: Junction of Fengquan Road and Zhongshan Road, Fengquan Hugaoxin District, Xiangqiao District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province